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Threadless shop is up and running

Hello everyone,

I have set up a shop on the website, feel free to check it out if you get the opportunity, link

Threadless allows artists to share their work on the information super highway and gain more an audience by incorporating them into products. Threadless offers a variety of products ranging from clothing to home décor to accessories.


Fall ComiCon 2016

This past Saturday marked my convention debut as a guest creator, at the Fall ComiCon at the State Fairgrounds Education Center in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.

img_2882 img_2885

Business card!

Set up took off the Friday before, I arrived at the education center in the afternoon and got my side of the table ready for the next morning.

img_2869 img_2870

The trade show kicked off at 10am and went onto 6pm, me and my brother-in-law(pictured on the right) arrived about an hour prior for additional set up before doors officially opened up.


Both me and my bro-in-law had a blast from start to finish, we not only did good with promoting The Imaginative Hobbyist but also met a lot of really awesome artists, cosplayers, and nerds just as big as ourselves.

The closest my bro-in-law will get to being in a Star Wars movie…

The art definitely got the attention of a lot of people and lead to some very happy customers.

img_2887 img_2891 img_2892 img_2890 img_2877 img_2888

In addition to selling art work we also handed out business cards, bookmarks, magnets, and handed out candy.


Yes, that is indeed a Trick or Treat bowl that we used, it is the month of Halloween as you guys know…

Lunch was held in “The Fortress of Solitude” which had hot dogs, chips, cake, macaroni salad, shredded beef, and various kinds of soda pop ( Can’t beat that!)

img_2878 img_2879 img_2880Met comics legend Dan Jurgens again at the convention, shared him my Cyborg Superman piece which he was more than happy to sign( as well as sign my copy of Justice League #52), so awesome.


The whole event was a ton of fun, I’m going to try to make it to Spring ComiCon in the Spring.


Captain America: Civil War(2016) Mini-Review

Long story short –  I absolutely loved it, both as a general movie goer and a long time Marvel comics fan.

Short story long  – Captain America: Civil War is the third outing in the Marvel Studios’ Captain America series, some people are a bit worried about the amount of characters in the movie and thinking Cap might be overshadowed by them but I’m happy to report that this is not the case at all. The story is very much a Captain America story, the supporting characters…Are really supporting characters, but they’re not just there for show, each one is given enough time to shine and enough motivation to choose either Team Cap or Team Iron Man, this includes new characters like Black Panther and yes the spectacular Spider-Man.

Chadwick Boseman just owns it as Black Panther, every time he shows up on screen he’s a boss and effectively lifts the character off of the comic page to physical form on film.

Tom Holland’s portrayal of Peter Parker/Spider-Man is probably the best live-action version of the character I’ve seen to date. Though his part isn’t too big Holland creates a likeable, funny, and caring iteration of everyone’s favorite web crawler who I can only compare to the source material and not strictly to prior non-comic related media adaptations.

Both Boseman and Holland are real scene stealers and my interest in their solo outings has skyrocketed after seeing them in action. Both fit their characters as well as Chris Evans does with Cap and RDJ as Tony Stark.

Daniel Bruhl‘s Zemo was a great bad guy, and has a very sad back-story that makes you feel sorry for him. Dude just nailed each scene.

Of all the characters that got their time to shine in Civil War I’m happy we also got to see more of Emily VanCamp‘s Sharon Carter and see her relationship with Steve take another step forward.

Not only is Civil War a solid popcorn movie it also thoroughly dives into the complex political philosophies and doesn’t sugar coat them, nor do they get lost in the VFX and impressive action scenes( Speaking of which that air port battle…Damn that was epic!)

Well worth the wait and well worth the hype,


Hobbyist out.

The DC Trinity…Transformed.


Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice has hit the theaters and in anticipation of the film I combined three of its biggest stars with a  little old franchise called Transformers.

These mash ups were fun to do and I am happy with how they turned out. I intend to do more Transformer-Mashups in the future.

Batman TransformerTransformerSupermanTransformerWonderWoman


As for the flick itself you can find my review on my Instagram and Facebook pages 🙂

Hobbyist out.